Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Mommy Heart.

As Joshua and I were settling in for nap time this afternoon, he was wrestling around with the pillows and blankets, being silly, and trying to get situated just so. He then reached his little hand into mine, and fell asleep with his little, sweet, soft hand in mine.

Oh, my heart. I thought it was going to burst with love and happiness and all good things in that moment.

All of my thoughts of inadequacy when it comes to parenting that have been floating around in my heart, weighing me down, just melted away.

And I could almost literally feel my soul flow from my fingers into his little hand.

And once again, God blessed me in those moments.

I once again felt so very clearly what it means to feel like a piece of your heart and soul are walking around outside of your body.

I will soak in these moments and treasure them forever in this mommy heart of mine.