Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Things I Am Glad My Father Told Me

1. "Your mother is my best friend." I think this may have been preceded by my parents bickering and driving each other crazy. It may have even been preceded by the statement, "Your mother drives me crazy sometimes, but..." He reminds me that even when life gets messy and we get cranky, it's important for you to maintain that deep friendship with your spouse. I am grateful that I have these two as role models for marriage.

2. "You're beautiful." I know this may seem basic and maybe even cliche, but my father made it a point to tell me that I am beautiful. Out of all the voices I heard as a child and a teenager telling me (and all young girls and women) that I was not good enough, I was not thin enough, I was not tall enough, I was not smart enough, I was not talented enough, I was not athletic enough, I was not _______ enough, each time my father told me that I was beautiful, it was like he was swinging a hammer at all those negative voices, one by one, knocking them down. A father's affirmation that his daughter is beautiful... what's a precious gift.

3. "I hope you move away from us." This one was a little tough to swallow. I was a young engaged woman in college. I thought, "why on earth would you want me to move away from you after college?" Well, he wanted me to move away so that my new husband and I would establish our own family, apart from them. And we did! Don't get me wrong, it was hard. I hated (and still, at times, absolutely hate) being away from my family. And my parents have always made themselves available to us. They have shown us support from afar. But my husband and I have learned to rely on God and each other. We have created a family unit. Because after all, isn't that the goal of parenthood? To raise up children that will fly out of the nest when it's time? Fly, and soar onto our own adventures. I am so grateful my parents allowed me to soar.

4. "Nothing you could ever do would make me stop loving you." Both my mother and father have said this to me. Unconditional love. Although this is hard for us humans to master, unconditional love is what our Father calls us to, as He has loved us. My parents made it clear that even if I messed up, made poor choices, fell off the right path, they would be there, loving me through it. I cannot tell you how priceless this is.

5. "I love your family." He says this often when we visit. Why is this important for me to hear? It tells me that he is proud of me and how I am raising my boys. I am grateful for his kind reassurance, that even though I am imperfect, I am doing some things right as a mama. Sometimes, especially after a long week of being an imperfect parent, it's all I need to hear to get my heart back on the right track.


Our parents have a strong influence on our hearts. 

I am thankful that I have loving parents who have taught me how to love my own children. I will cherish the heart that my parents have shown me. 

I can only hope to encourage my children in the same way.

What words of encouragement have your parents shared with you over the years?

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