Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birth Stories Series: Resourceful Red's Birth Story

About Our Guest Writer
Resourceful Red is a 25 year old, eco-consious, part-time working mama to a wonderful, adventurous 16month old Baby Boy. She has a wonderful, supportive, and loving husband to whom she refers to as Hubbs in her blog, Resourceful Red. She believes that enjoying each moment, praising God, and supportive and loving family are the key components to happy life. Follow her little eco-friendly journey at

The Birth of Baby Boy

It started Thursday afternoon, I was having really strong contractions, but randomly. They continued throughout the day and then stopped at night time. I thought for sure that I was in labor that day, but apparently not.

Friday I woke up without any signs of labor. The calmness ceased around noon when the random contractions started again. I had begun to feel pretty crappy as the day went on, tired, lethargic, nauseated. Then the contractions stopped again, lovely.

Saturday morning I woke up to bloody show. Not sure why on earth they call it a bloody show, but if I were to re term it, it would be called gross, just plain gross.

Hubbs and I took several walks that day & then tried to relax a bit. The contractions were still around throughout the day, sporadically though, and then again at night time they stopped.

By Sunday I was just miserable!! I lounged all day, walked a bit, had no appetite, and no contractions. So my wonderful husband pulled the day bed mattress into the living room and we watched movies all day. It was nice!
Monday morning I woke up at 4am with terribly strong contractions. I turned on the computer and began to time them, about 5-7 mins apart. I asked Hubbs to call off work because I just wanted him home with me since I was feeling crappy. By 4:45am the contractions were coming strong and every 3 mins apart. We decided it was TIME!!!

I hopped in the shower (DH didn't think it was necessary, but I desperately wanted to), got dressed, and we drove off to the hospital.We got to the labor & delivery unit and the contractions were still really strong, but I was only 2 cm dilated. The medical staff asked us to walk around the hallways to try to progress. After about 25mins of walking, I started to get sick. At this time a nurse walked in, took a look at me and said "honey, we are going to admit you. You are definitely in labor."

Hooray!! We were going to meet our little son or little daughter today!!

At the time I was admitted, we were escorted to our birthing suite and I was checked again; 4cms! The birthing suite was gorgeous. I was fortunate to have access to my own private jacuzzi, birthing ball, and the comfort of calm lighting. Once we got settled I labored on the birthing ball for awhile. This seemed to ease some of the back pain I was having. About a half hour later I moved into the jacuzzi. It was magical!

My midwife arrived at the hospital around 10 am. At this time she checked me and I was 6cm. She suggested that if I wanted my epidural that we do so now. 15mins after the epi, my midwife broke my water and advised me to try and relax.

Once the epi kicked in I was pretty much in heaven. I relaxed for a little bit with the lights down and tried to get some rest.

I became fully dilated by quarter til 1. We tried some practice pushes and then my midwife decided to allow me to rest a bit longer.

We began pushing again at 1:45. Really glad I did alot of ab work growing up because strong ab muscles certainly paid off!

After about an hour of pushing the baby's heart rate began to get to high and his/her head wasn't coming any further down. My midwife told me he was facing upward, instead of toward my back & that she thought we may have to use the vacuum to get him out. I did NOT want any sort of tools used on me. My biggest fear was having an episiotomy.

They called the OBGYN in. My midwife gave me an episitomy (which I SO didn't want) and the OB went in and turned the baby so that it was facing the correct way, during a contraction. That was a lovely sight :(

The baby's heart rate continued to race and she informed me that they would be using the vacuum. To which I told her no, I was going to get this little one out on my own.

She said I had 5mins to do so.

My answer to that, "let's do this."

2 contractions and 6 pushes later, our sweet baby boy arrived!!

Baby Boy was born November 9, 2009; 7lbs, 9oz. 19in.

To me, labor and delivery were much different and (ready for this ) easier than my entire pregnancy. I was so sick throughout my pregnancy, that I was just relieved to be having my baby that day.

Our baby boy is now 16 months and a true blessing from God.